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Hmmph. This time we went down because of a disk error on the Web server! I've got to look into these hard drive manufacturers. The site is back online on a different server now, but because of the disk hardware error, I had to choose which calendars to try to recover. I figured if the calendar hasn't been updated in 2007, it's out of date, so I didn't bother with those. Of those in 2007, I know some weren't able to be retrieved, so if you're missing your calendar online, please just republish/refresh it from within iCal (or your other calendar program).

Thanks for bearing with me, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. At the very least we got some publicity on Macintouch. Any news is good news! Thanks for all of you who emailed gently pointing out the server was down. :)

Sorry about the service interruption since yesterday morning. The database server wasn't happy anymore, and I only noticed the problem this morning! No loss of data, the site was just unresponsive until I took it down today to prevent any further problem. Tonight I replaced the server, and things are back online. (You see, I have a day job, which means I wasn't paying close attention. Sorry 'bout that, but thanks to the avid fans who email me occassionally to make sure I'm still here! -Carlos)

Can you believe it's been over 3 years and I haven't made a change to the site? It just runs. I even migrated it from California in the middle of 2006. It's almost embarassing...but I can tell you I'm investigating the wonderful changes Apple is planning to iCal in Leopard. Plus I wonder if there are any opportunities with regards to the iPhone.

Long time no write! I've had other priorities in my life, and before I started accepting money from you happy users I needed to make sure I could properly support you and the site. So the site has remained in "free" mode all this year. As long as I am involved with the Web, and run my own servers, iCal Exchange will stay online.

As for iCal 1.5.1, I use it and Publish works fine, contrary to some user reports. If you are having trouble seeing the Publish screen, then try reinstalling iCal. Apple changed some things behind the scenes that I am working on perfecting, but as far as I can tell your experience should be the same.

The newest HTML calendar viewer is online! Here is a sample calendar for you to try. You can now set your language preference for the viewer, and show To Do list items as well!

I've deployed the ability to publish "private" calendars, protected by your iCal Exchange username and password, or other passwords you can set for your guests. Also, you can categorize your public calendars (primarily by geography, then by topic) to help build a respository of available calendars.

Tired of .Mac outages keeping people from viewing your calendars? You can choose to publish your calendars here, even if you have a .Mac account or use iSync. iSync isn't concerned with where your calendars are published. This way you can take advantage of our superior calendar hosting.

Please spread the word if you enjoy this service. You can send me your feedback if you have any suggestions. You have a choice of where to publish your calendars, and you should choose the iCal Exchange for three reasons:

  1. Simple publishing of your calendars will always be free
  2. We have an HTML viewer for your calendars that will continue to improve and surpass .Mac's features
  3. Your privacy is respected, we ask only for your email address when registering

The iCal Exchange was created to give the Internet community an easy way to publish their calendars using the built-in "Publish to a web server" mechanism.

You can publish your calendars here for free. When you share your calendar URLs, visitors will be able to download the .ics file, and even view your calendar through a Web browser. Ordinary WebDAV servers do not have this capability. In addition, we will have advanced features like password-protection for individual calendars.

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